HY-LiTE® Fuel Test Kit Pens

The HY-LiTE® Fuel Test Kit Pens are the disposable tests used in the HY-LiTE® Fuel Test System, which includes the HY-LiTE® Luminometer. This rapid system can detect microbial contamination in less than 10 minutes, and the HY-LiTE® Fuel Test Kit Pens work using an extraction liquid that is pre-loaded into each pen. Each pen in the pack provided represents a single test that can be carried out, and at the end of each test the pen (filled with the sample taken and extraction fluid) is inserted into the HY-LiTE® Luminometer to provide an electronic reading (which represents the test result).

The product works by assessing the presence and concentration of something called Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate (ATP) in water and hydrophilic particles associated with fuel. ATP is something all living organisms use as an energy store.  The presence and concentration of ATP detected in the sample is then used  to give an indication of the amount of active microbiological contamination present within a sample.

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