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The given Terms and Conditions applies in the trading of all the products and services offered by Aeroservices Ltd. • In the following Terms and Conditions Aeroservices Ltd. is also referred as "we", "our" or "us". • Our "Normal working hours" are 9 am to 5 pm on working days and our "Working days" are Monday to Friday except on a bank or public holiday. • These Terms and Conditions prevail over any other negotiations done or assumed by the other trader unless otherwise done in writing and notified/legalised by both the parties. OR • Any changes in the given Terms and Conditions shall be done in writing and officially approved by the concerned personnel of Aeroservices Ltd. • In the event of invalidation of any of the clause given below the other clauses shall not lose its validation. • Please review our separate privacy policy details of how we handle personal information of the Users. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the English laws and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts sitting in England. • Aeroservices Ltd. at its discretion may record the telephonic conversations/transactions for staff training and quality control purposes so as to continually improve our services and products offerings. • These Terms and Conditions do not in way affect your constitutional rights.

Terms and Conditions (The usage of Website)


This Site is provided for the benefit of customers, and the appointed representatives of the customers, of Aeroservices Ltd. subject to the Terms and Conditions which apply immediately on your first use of the Site, and by using the Site you agree to be legally bound by the Terms and Conditions. Please do not use or access the Site, if you do not agree to Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change and can be varied at any time by us posting the variation on the Site. Please review the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.

Permitted Uses

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The risk associated to website

Aeroservices Ltd. is in no way responsible in the event of any substantial or minor loss of data, loss of profit, system breakdowns or any other particular damage while accessing to our website or downloading data from our web-address. It is solely your liability to ensure that any information downloaded from our website is virus-free.

Limitations and Warranties

The content of the Site, including text, graphics, links or other items is provided on an "as is," or "as available" basis and we do not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the content and expressly disclaim liability for errors or omissions therein. Use of hyperlinks to other internet resources on the Site are at your own risk and such links are not investigated, verified, monitored or endorsed by us and our liability for any loss or damages arising shall be excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.


The content of the Site, information, descriptions and materials appearing on the Site are subject to change. Your use of the Site is at your own risk. We and our associated content providers make considerable efforts to make the content of the Site as accurate as possible but no warranty or fitness is implied.

Terms and Conditions (Aeroservices Ltd. as the buyer)

The following Terms and Conditions are applicable towards the agreement of our purchase orders. Any alterations to the aforesaid will have to be given in writing to the Aeroservices Ltd. Therefore, any term and condition by the supplier will not deem to be legal unless given in writing.

Delivery of the consignment

• It is the duty of the suppliers to correspond immediately in order to confirm the orders and should not take more than two business days for the order confirmation. • The supplier will have to confirm the delivery schedule upon the receipt of our Purchase Order. • Any product received by the Aeroservices Ltd. should match as mentioned in the contract by its suppliers. Any product that is found to contradict the specifications as mentioned in the deal shall not be accepted. • All the release certificates related to the consignment should be sent along material specification and shelf life group. • A Certificate of Conformity will have to be sent by the supplier assuring that the goods supplied are in accordance with the requirements of the Purchase Order that Aeroservices Ltd. sent. • The invoice, packing list and delivery note shall not be sent along with the consignment. • Please mark our PO number on top of the box or Pallet using Marker. • Please do not mix multiple orders in single box / pallet unless agreed in advance. • Please use only unmarked cartons / tapes as there shall be no branding of your company on the packing material unless supplier is manufacturer. • OEM Certificate of Analysis & Conformity along with Material Safety Data Sheet required. • It is the supplier's responsibility to carry out all the required tests before dispatching the consignment and thereafter take all the necessary precautions during the goods delivery. • Products received should be of the same quantity as mentioned in the contract and any delivery costs related to the difference (in case of partial delivery) would be the supplier's responsibility. • No consignment will be accepted before the date of delivery which was agreed upon. • Full / agreed shelf life of the merchandise shall be required • Aeroservices Ltd. holds the right to withdraw any contract if the consignment is not received in the given time limit and is also entitled to seek penalty for any damages arising out of the failed delivery.


• The supplier is liable to provide the warranty for all the faultless nature of the goods, any defects, product deficiency or the variation in the quality of the goods to that mentioned in the contract. This also includes any material and company defects. • All the warehousing and delivery costs related to storage and return of the faulty goods shall be borne by the supplier. Aeroservices Ltd. will charge the cost price for the packaging in relation to the storage and return of the faulty goods. • No compensation shall be paid to the supplier in case the Aeroservices Ltd. withdraws any contract if partial or whole of the consignment is found to be faulty or not matching as declared in the contract.

Terms and Conditions (Aeroservices Ltd. as the Seller)

The following Terms and Conditions set out by the Aeroservices Ltd. shall apply exclusively towards any sale of goods and services via the Purchase Order. These Terms and Conditions shall preside over the future deals between Aeroservices Ltd. and the procuring party. Any alterations shall be agreed upon in writing and officialised by both, the buying party and the seller, Aeroservices Ltd.


All the products and services sold by the Aeroservices Ltd. will be traded on the price set out in particular quotation. This price excludes VAT unless otherwise stated. Any other taxes such as municipal taxes, import duties will also be paid by the buyer. The cost will be cited in USD/GBP/Euro and billed accordingly. Aeroservices Ltd. holds the right to alter the prices of its goods and services without any prior notice. The company also has a right to amend any incorrect invoices and change the amount to be charged along with the specific explanation.

Purchase Order

The conditions set out by the Aeroservices Ltd. on prices, delivery time, quantities will be binding on the procurer during the sale transactions. We have also established minimum order requirements which have to be followed by the buyer for the various products accordingly. Any terms and conditions set out by the buyer which is not specified in the Terms and Conditions of Aeroservices Ltd. shall not be accepted unless it is done in writing and duly signed by the official of Aeroservices Ltd. Processing time of approximately 5 working days applicable to process order, processing time is at entire discretion of Aeroservices and could be changed as and when required without prior notification.

Buyers purchase order should specify general specification/description of the merchandise, cost, quantity and the demanded delivery date as mentioned in the seller's quotations. Along with this the buyer's purchase order should also include the location to where the goods should be delivered, the official address where the final payment invoice shall be sent and the purchase order number of the buyer and the quotation number of seller if applicable. If there are any special requests by the buyer related to the packaging, labelling and transportation of the merchandise, it should verily be mentioned in the purchase order. Finally, the end-user of the goods in trade shall be disclosed by the procuring party in the purchase order because of the stringent rules in the restricted end-uses or export laws related to nuclear use, military use, biological and chemical weapon. It should be clearly mentioned that the merchandise will not in any be used in any way which is prohibited.

The procuring party shall admit that Aeroservices Ltd. buys from the OEMs / third party based on the requirements according to the purchase order. This means that Aeroservices Ltd. holds no capability to assure the buyer's needs. This in particular relates to situation where the procuring party is intending to use the product in accordance to the European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006) relating to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH Regulation), however this in no way considered to be a quality agreement. If the buyer informs the Aeroservices Ltd. that the product to be consigned shall be used according to the Article 37 Section 2 of the REACH Regulation which requires some registrations and other formalities then the procuring party is liable to bear all the expenses related to the aforesaid. Similarly Aeroservices Ltd. will not be held responsible for any delay in the merchandise delivery due to the completion of such formalities. We also reserve the right to invalidate the buyer's purchase order if we are not satisfied that the use indicated by the buyer comes under the REACH Regulation.

Payment Method

Aeroservices Ltd. currently has no online payment method. However, we accept wire transfers. The buyer is responsible for all the wire transfer and banking fees. This includes amounts charged by the buyer's bank as well as ours. If the buyer is not satisfied by any amount billed in the invoice that Aeroservices Ltd. sent you, then the buyer will have to notify and failure to do so shall be considered that the buyer has accepted the invoice and will have to send out the payment straightaway. In case the buyer is not satisfied with the invoice then both the parties will take necessary steps to resolve any conflicts arising thereof.


We ship the merchandise by the channel and provider demanded by the buyer in the relevant purchase order. In case there are no orders on the channel or method of shipment provided by the buyer then the shipment is done at the judgment of the Aeroservices Ltd. following the normal commercial practices in the packaging and transportation of the consignments. We schedule the delivery of the merchandise and hold the authority to make partial shipments or deliver in advance of the agreed date if possible. The various shipping expenses including the insurance, haulage shall be paid by the buyer and in case if it has been prepaid by the Aeroservices Ltd. then the buyer will have to reimburse upon the receipt of the statement of the charges incurred. We also reserve the right to add up extra costs related to any emergency/rush consignment, special routing, covering, packing, cataloguing, handling or insurance requested by the procuring party.

For stock items 5 working days is required to process order in our warehouse for collection by our clients. Additional 5 working days would be required if delivery is made by Aeroservices to UK or European address. For out of stock items – we would provide the delivery schedule upon receipt of order. All the orders are accompanied with Manufacturer Certificate of Analysis, and Aeroservices Certificate of Conformity is provided upon request. For goods delivered to your designated freight forwarder and collected from our warehouse, your freight forwarder will have to sign the paperwork to confirm that goods were received in full and in perfect condition. Please note that Aeroservices Ltd do not hold any responsibility after your designated freight forwarder accepts the consignment.

Changes in Purchase Order/ Cancellation

The purchaser may cancel a part or whole of the purchase order by giving us the thorough reason in written only if we fail to correct the situation within the acceptable time limit after receiving the notice. For any change in the purchase order regarding price, delivery time or change in the product is possible after execution of the notice confirming the reason and description and the date of the change only after it has been duly signed by the authorised signatory of the Aeroservices Ltd.

Surplus Merchandise

Merchandise consigned in surplus can be purchased or returned by the buyer at their discretion. We will bear the normal shipment charge in the product return however the risk of loss and spoil of goods will be borne by the buyer. If we conclude that there was no surplus delivery then the buyer will bear all the expense of the shipment incurred in the return of goods.

Justifiable Delays

Aeroservices Ltd. will not be held responsible for any delays in the delivery due to reasons that which come under the 'excusable or justifiable delays'. This includes delays due to the acts of nature such as earthquakes, floods, severe weather conditions or any other 'Act of God'. Fires, labour strikes, medical crisis, riots, terrorism, war also comes under the same. Similarly delays in getting the export license or revocation of the same, lack of raw material, production & supply delays from OEM shall also be counted as the justifiable delay. We will extend the period of the delivery date or we can cancel the purchase order of the buyer due to such delay.


The procuring party shall not disclose any information to the third party regarding the transaction, contracts and the prices offered without the written consent of an official from the Aeroservices Ltd. unless required by law.