Socosurf A1855

Socosurf A1855 is a gel-type acidic waterbased deoxidizer for the treatment of aluminium before painting and bonding operations. It is specially formulated to optimise surface preparation that contributes to improve adhesion and  anticorrosion properties of paint systems - specially chromate-free ones. 

  • Thixotropic product
  • Ready-to-use product
  • Easy to apply and to rinse
  • As it is solvent-free, fluoride-free, chromate-free and low-VOC emissions, the product handling and waste treatment are easier and lower cost. It complies with current environmental and safety requirements
  • To be used at ambient temperature to reduce energy cost linked to tank warming
  • To reinforce anticorrosion and adhesion properties of paint systems, a SOCOGEL sol-gel should be applied after Socosurf A1855
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