Air Conditioning Units

Mobile Air Conditioning Units are diesel-electric, self-contained, automatically controlled air conditioning unit that provides ventilation, cooling, dehumidifying, filtering of air supplied to parked aircraft. Refrigerant gas free and environmentally friendly, these Air Conditioning Units deliver up to 60 lb per minute of non-toxic, conditioned air. They are either Towable Trailer mounted, Skid mounted or Self propelled systems. The popular product variants are 5TR, 30TR, 60TR, 70TR, 120TR, 140TR, 150TR ACU among others. Key benefit:

  • Compact and diesel engine powered air conditioning trolley
  • Capable of operating in altitudes from sea level to 3000 metres
  • Leak free cooling system with no contained gasses
  • User friendly operator control station
  • Can run for 10 hours unattended without refuelling
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