Brayco 785

Castrol Brayco™ 785 is a petroleum-based preservative and break-in oil that can be used to protect gas turbines during shipping, storage, and prolonged shut-down periods.
Brayco 785 was developed with the cooperation of a major manufacturer of gas turbine engines. While this product may also be used as a break-in oil, it is not meant for regular service as a gas turbine lubricant, and should be drained out and replaced by a manufacturer approved product when the engine is placed back on line. By using Brayco 785 in the test cell on new and overhauled engines, all that is necessary for internal preservation is to remove the test instrumentation (lines, etc.). Additionally, fogging a MIL-PRF-23411 / MIL-PRF-81309 fluid into the inlet on cold-crank will prepare the engine for shipping. A treated engine is typically preserved for at least two years.

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