AeroShell Fluid 2T

AeroShell Fluid 2T is a preservative mineral oil used for protecting certain types of turbine engine. AeroShell Fluid 2T consists of three parts AeroShell Turbine Oil 2 (MIL-PRF-6081D Grade 1010 - a mineral turbine engine oil) with one part AeroShell Fluid 2XN (MIL-C-6529C Type I) – a corrosion preventative concentrate).

AeroShell Fluid 2T is intended for preserving aircraft gas turbines which use engine oils to specification MIL-PRF-6081D, and in some engines using engine oils meeting specification DEF STAN 91-99 (DERD 2490). The ashless anti-corrosion additive package together with the highly refined mineral base oils protects the engine by minimising the effects of humidity and neutralising the acidic components of engine oil oxidation. AeroShell Fluid 2T can either be purchased ready-mixed or can be blended using three parts AeroShell Turbine Oil 2 and one part AeroShell Fluid 2XN.

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