Brayco Mictonic 783

Castrol Brayco® Micronic 783 is a petroleum-based, low viscosity, ISO grade 15 red colored hydraulic and preservative fluid for aircraft and ordnance use. It is used for preserving hydraulic components over a temperature range of -54ºC to 135ºC (-65ºF to 275ºF).

It is a blend of selected petroleum oils with additives which provide exceptionally good viscosity-temperature characteristics, good anti-wear properties, controlled rubber swell, good shear stability and excellent oxidation resistance.

Castrol Brayco® Micronic 783 is an excellent corrosion preventative and provides a high degree of detergency to maintain clean systems. Castrol Brayco® Micronic 783 can be used in hydraulic systems of missile ground support equipment and is particularly suitable for use in systems with long periods of inactivity during service.

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