AeroShell LGF

AeroShell Landing Gear Fluid (LGF) is a mineral hydraulic fluid (MIL-PRF-5606) to which additional additives have been added to improve the fluid's natural lubricity and is suitable for low temperature operations.AeroShell LGF's lubricity agent provides a stable thin film layer to the metal surfaces at mild operating conditions. When severe conditions exist (landing/touchdown), the extreme pressure additive supplies the load carrying needed at the metal-to-metal surfaces to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena as "ladder cracking" and "slip stiction" of the piston component of the landing gear.

  • AeroShell SSF is AeroShell Fluid 71 plus additives.
  • AeroShell LGF is AeroShell Fluid 41 plus additives.

AeroShell LGF is recommended for areas of low temperature operations. AeroShell SSF and AeroShell LGF are compatible with each other as well as with AeroShell Fluids 4, 41 and 71. AeroShell SSF and LGF are straw yellow in colour.

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