Lotoxane® HD

Lotoxane HD is a highly refined solvent blend offering a combination of low odour excellent degreasing power and minimal residue on drying. Due to its high purity Lotoxane HD provides a safer alternative to the most hazardous solvents used throughout Industry, it is not classified as flammable, and controlled evaporation reduces exposure in the workplace. Lotoxane HD has many of the benefits of Lotoxane but in addition contains a booster to enhance removal of heavier grease deposits and electrical flux residues.

• Highly refined for minimal residue on drying.
• Low odour and controlled evaporation reduce exposure in the workplace.
• Contains no aromatic hydrocarbons and with a flash point of 62°C is not classified as flammable.
• Contains solvent booster for enhanced removal of greases, cutting oils, machine coolants and electronic flux residues.
• Excellent compatibility with metals and most plastics.
• Suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning systems.
• Can be used in heated tanks at temperatures up to 40°C.
• Provides a versatile degreasing solution to meet all manufacturing, maintenance, inspection and surface preparation needs.
• Can reduce solvent consumption, reducing cost in use and aiding compliance with VOC limits.

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