Ardrox 2106

Ardrox 2106 is a non-flammable, water rinseable application type paint remover containing methylene chloride, activators, inhibitors and biodegradable surfactants and available in low and high viscosity grades, both of which are free of phenolic materials or ammonia.
It is a versatile  general  purpose  paint  removers and  depending  upon  the  grade chosen, are suitable for both brush and spray application.  It will remove a wide range of paint  schemes  including  alkyds,  acrylics,  cellulose,  zinc  chromate  primers  and  some  polyurethanes especially polyurethane on etch (wash) primer.

The  products  are  water  rinseable,  making  their  removal  easy  and  leaving  a  clean  surface,  which,  after drying, is suitable for further treatment. When applied by spray, the products are particularly economical for the removal of paint from large areas.

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