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Aeroservices Ltd

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Quality Policy

Aeroservices is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company supplying lubricants, consumables and standard hardware to the Aerospace and associated industries. The company is driven by its belief in putting the customer first.

Aeroservices aims at creating and nurturing long-term relationships with its customers by providing an impeccable and professional customer service. The quality and attention to detail placed on customer service make Aeroservices the preferred choice of its customers worldwide. Aeroservices aims to supply for its customers’ businesses, products of the highest standards from some of the biggest OEMs in the world.

Aeroservices strives towards constant improvement at all levels and across all functions of the company by conducting various development and training programmes for its personnel to maximise their potential and performance.

• Our processes are planned, streamlined, executed and maintained to suit the needs of our clients.

• Our service standards are designed, measured and analysed so as to continually improve all our processes.

• Targets and objectives are set and regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement in all areas of our Total Quality Management System.

• Our dedicated team encourages customer feedback and takes action towards continuous improvement of our customer offerings.

• We carefully select our suppliers who are able to meet our business requirements and objectives. Thus providing the best of services to our clients.

• Our ambition lies in being the first choice of aviation lubricants, consumables and hardware distributors to the Aerospace Industry by building sustainable, long-term relations with the clients.

This Quality Policy is publically available upon request and will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.

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