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Pains Wessex has been a leading supplier of marine distress signals for over 100 years. When you specify lifesaving equipment for your vessel, you need to know beyond any doubt that it is the most reliable and cost-effective available. With Pains Wessex advanced pyrotechnic marine distress signals, you can be sure you have made the right choice.



  • Commercial (SOLAS)
    Red Handflare Mk8 Para Red Rocket Mk8A
    Lifesmoke Mk9 Manoverboard Mk9
    Buoysmoke Mk9 Linethrower 250
    Linethrower 250 - Body and Line ONLY Linethrower 250 Rocket
    Lifesmoke Mk8 Manoverboard Mk8
    Buoysmoke Mk8

  • Leisure & Aviation (Non-SOLAS)
    Day and Night Mk8 Handsmoke MK8A
    White Handflare Mk8 Parachute Illuminating Rocket Mk8
    Personal Distress Signal Compact Distress Signal
    Grab Bag Large Polybottle
    Mini Polybottle Signal Pistol Calibre 4
    Signal Cartridge Calibre 4 Signal Cartridge

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