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Alglas UK is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of aircraft glass cleaners which safeguard the avionics, instrumentation, cock pit and cabin glass. In our 28 years of trading, our products have been approved by more than 30 major aircraft and equipment manufacturers, airlines and service organisations. Many of the world’s civil and military aviation organisations, including air traffic control services, rely on Alglas to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their equipment. Alglas products deliver exceptional antistatic cleaning properties across all aircraft glass, acrylic and polycarbonate surfaces, including flight deck avionics and instrumentation, touchscreens, head up displays, headsets and EFIS.



  • Glass Cleaners

  • Instrument Wipes
    ALG/CR 215

  • VDU Cleaner
    Visial Visual Display Unit Cleaner

  • Gum Cleaner

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