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McGean is a privately held specialty chemical company with corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and operations throughout the world. The company is a leader in chemical technology for aviation maintenance, and as a supplier of specialty chemicals and batch custom manufacturing. Major markets serviced are: aviation, surface finishing, oil exploration and production, adhesives, sheet moulded compounds, catalyst, personal care, glass and fiberglass. The company has two principal divisions, Cee-Bee® Aviation Products and McGean Specialty Chemicals Division.



  • Aircraft Cleaners (General Cleaners)
    Cee-Bee® A-882 Cee-Bee® A-883
    Cee-Bee® Polish #15 Cee-Bee® 280
    Cee-Bee® Cleaner 280GEL Super Bee™ 210
    Super Bee™ 210D Super Bee™ 210B
    Super Bee™ 300LF Super Bee™ 400TG
    Super Bee™ 400TG-ML Super Bee™ 300LF pH Adjuster
    Super Bee™ 300LF Liquid pH Adjuster Super Bee™ 300LFG
    Super Bee™ 300LFM Cee-Bee® Intex® 8992
    Cee-Bee® Intex® 8201 Honey-Bee™ 90
    Cee-Bee® A-6 Cee-Bee® B-6
    Cee-Bee® B-55 Cee-Bee® R-66C
    Cee-Bee® A-276LV Cee-Bee® A-13
    Cee-Bee® A-13NC Cee-Bee® A-18
    Cee-Bee® Major Clean Cee-Bee® R-677
    Cee-Bee® R-679 Cee-Bee® Plastishine A (QTS)
    Cee-Bee® Emulsoclean 20B Cee-Bee® R-674
    Cee-Bee® R-681 Cee-Bee® R-681 Wipes
    Cee-Bee® R-681 Aerosol Cee-Bee® R-682
    Super Bee™ 212 Gel Cee-Bee® EZE-211
    Cee-Bee® Intex® 8046 Cee-Bee® A-54LF
    Cee-Bee® F-19 Cee-Bee® A-18S

  • Aircraft Cleaners (Undercarriage Cleaning)
    Super Bee™ 250 Super Bee™ 300LF
    Cee-Bee® A-7X7

  • Aircraft Cleaners (Corrosion Inhibiting Compound Removers)
    Cee-Bee® A-951 Cleaner Solvent Cee-Bee® A-952 Cleaner Solvent
    Cee-Bee® A-953 Cleaner Solvent Cee-Bee® A-954

  • Aircraft Cleaners (Flight Jacket Appearance Products)
    Speed Polish Speed Leveler
    Wool Pad White Foam Pad
    Yellow Foam Pad

  • Engine Overhaul (Cleaning)
    Super Bee™ 300LF Cee-Bee® A-7X7
    Cee-Bee® Cleaner C-46 Cee-Bee® ALKO

  • Engine Overhaul (Descaling)
    Cee-Bee® J-84AL Cee-Bee® J-84A
    Cee-Bee® Additive G0-2L Cee-Bee® J-89
    Cee-Bee® J-88L Cee-Bee® J-19
    Cee-Bee® J-3 Cee-Bee® J-2
    Cee-Bee® C-623 Cee-Bee® J-88

  • Engine Overhaul (Adhesive, Paint & Carbon Removing)
    Cee-Bee® C-105HF Cee-Bee® C-105NC
    Cee-Bee® A-477 Cee-Bee® A-215
    Cee-Bee® J-91 Cee-Bee® WDO
    Cee-Bee® P-109B Nortex® 3025
    Cee-Bee® MX-15U Cee-Bee® MX-38

  • Lavatory Maintenance (Deodorants)
    Honey BeeTM Deodorant 24 Honey BeeTM Deodorant Pak 44

  • Lavatory Maintenance (Cleaners)
    Honey BeeTM Cleaner 60 Honey BeeTM Cleaner 60T
    Honey BeeTM Cleaner 60TNP Honey BeeTM Cleaner 76
    Honey BeeTM Cleaner 90 Honey BeeTM Cleaner 80

  • Lavatory Maintenance (Fresheners)
    Honey BeeTM Freshener Soak 50C Honey BeeTM Aerogel Sparkle Air Freshener

  • Lavatory Maintenance (Portable Toilet Deodorants)
    Honey BeeTM PTDS (Portable Toilet Deodorant Sachet) Honey BeeTM Deodorant 20

  • Paint Strippers (Peroxide Strippers)
    Cee-BeeTM E-3000 Cee-BeeTM E-2060

  • Paint Strippers (Acid Activated)
    Cee-Bee® E-1004J Cee-Bee® A-204B
    Cee-Bee® R-206 Cee-Bee® A-202

  • Paint Strippers (Alkaline Activated)
    Cee-Bee® E-2002A Cee-Bee® E-2012A
    Cee-Bee® E-2787 Cee-Bee® A-292
    Cee-Bee® A-292NC Cee-Bee® R-256
    Cee-Bee® A-234 Cee-Bee® A-29SCW
    Cee-Bee® A-238M

  • Paint Strippers (Polysulfide Removal)
    Cee-Bee® E-1058 Cee-Bee® A-458

  • Tank-Type Paint Strippers
    Cee-Bee® E-1092T Cee-Bee® A-477
    Cee-Bee® A-491 Cee-Bee® A-215
    Cee-Bee® A-805

  • Paint Strippers (Brighteners)
    Cee-Bee® B-6 Cee-Bee® B-55
    Cee-Bee® R-66C Cee-Bee® A-601
    Cee-Bee® A-651

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