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Since 2011, MagChem is a sister company of Socomore : expert solutions for the preparation protection of metal surfaces or composite materials in the construction and maintenance of the transport industries. The MagChem mission is to be the preferred supplier, developer and designer of solutions for aerospace cleaning, surface preparation and metalworking processes.


  • Aero Turbine Engine Cleaners
    Aerodet Corrotek
    DG-Kleen Diestone MSK
    Diestone MTK D-Solv
    AP-9186 AP-954
    AP-988 Evasol
    HDL-202 HDL-340
    HDL-370 HDL-500FF
    HDP-2524 HDP-2862
    HDP-2888 HT-2004
    Kemsol-556 Kemsol 606
    Kemstrip-596 MagKleen-4
    Soluwax Tergit

Major OEMs







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