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For more than 80 years, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings has been leading innovation in aerospace coatings. Aerospace Coatings materials provide protection and exceptional appearance to virtually every surface of an aircraft, including interior structural components, integral fuel tanks, engine nacelles and other high-heat areas, as well as interior cabins and decorative exteriors.



  • Miscellaneous
    Abrasion Resistant Coatings Anti-Corrosion Primers
    Signature Management Fuel Tank Coatings
    Cabin Interior Coatings Structural Topcoats
    CARC Exterior Topcoats
    Composite Fillers and Primers Wing Coatings
    Erosion Resistant Coatings Wash Primers
    Paint Removers Conductive Coatings

  • Thinners/Solvent Cleaners
    Thinner C25/90S Aerodur Thinners 98064
    Aerodur Thinners 96184 Akzo C28-15 Cleaning Solvent
    High Heat Resistant Paint S 21/8

  • Primers
    Epoxy Primer 37035A Aerodur Barrier Primer 37045
    Aerodur Primer S15/90 Metaflex FCR Primer

  • Topcoats (5 Litre Cans)
    Aerodur Finish SGL Aluminium Aviox 77702 3K
    Aerodur Clearcoat UVR Aerodur C21/100 UVR

  • Topcoats (1 Litre Cans)
    Aerodur Non Slip Coating AutoCryl Reflex RAL 3024

  • Hardeners/Accelerators
    Activator 99341 Activator 99322
    Activator 99321 Hardener S 66/22 R
    Hardener 92140 Hardener 90150
    Hardener S66/14

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