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Royco® Performance Compounds and Greases are semi-solid blends of the latest technology for additives, base fluids and modern thickeners. These systems are designed for the most demanding lubrication requirements. From severely loaded gears and extreme pressure sliding surfaces, while exposed to high altitude, corrosive environments, Royco® Performance Compounds and Greases deliver the needed performance.


  • Turbine Oil Lubricants
    Royco Turbine Oil 308 Royco Turbine Oil 481
    Royco Turbine Oil 500 Royco Turbine Oil 555
    Royco Turbine Oil 560 Royco Turbine Oil 808
    Royco Turbine Oil 482 Royco Turbine Oil 483
    Royco Turbine Oil 363

  • Hydraulic Fluids
    Royco Hydraulic Oil 756 Royco Hydraulic Oil 782
    Royco Hydraulic Oil 777 Royco Hydraulic Oil 783

  • Greases
    Royco Grease 10 Royco Grease 13CF
    Royco Grease 22CF Royco Grease 22MS
    Royco Grease 27 Royco Grease 32
    Royco Grease 49 Royco Grease 64
    Royco Grease 81MS

  • Specialities
    Royco Instrument Oil 885 Royco Calibration Fluid 950

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