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Aeroservices Ltd

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Featuring piston engine oils, turbine engine oils, hydraulic fluids, products for industrial customers and more, AeroShell has the right lubricant for you.


  • Piston Engine Oils
    AeroShell Oil W100 AeroShell Oil W 15W-50
    AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 2 AeroShell Oil W80 Plus
    AeroShell Oil Sport Plus 4 AeroShell Oil 100
    AeroShell Oil W100 Plus AeroShell Oil 65
    AeroShell Oil 80 AeroShell Oil 120
    AeroShell Oil W80 AeroShell Oil W120
    AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra

  • Turbine Engine Oils
    AeroShell Turbine Oil 308 AeroShell Turbine Oil 3
    AeroShell Turbine Oil 3SP AeroShell Turbine Oil 2
    AeroShell Turbine Oil 390 AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 500
    AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 555 AeroShell Turbine Engine Oil 560
    AeroShell Turbine Oil 750

  • Greases
    AeroShell Grease 5 AeroShell Grease 6
    AeroShell Grease 7 AeroShell Grease 22
    AeroShell Grease 33 AeroShell Grease 33MS
    AeroShell Grease S.4768 AeroShell Grease S.7108
    AeroShell Grease 15 AeroShell Compound 08

  • Hydraulic Fluids & Preservatives
    AeroShell Fluid 31 AeroShell Fluid 41
    AeroShell Fluid 61 AeroShell Fluid 71
    AeroShell Shock Strut Fluid (SSF) AeroShell Landing Gear Fluid (LGF)
    AeroShell Fluid 4 AeroShell Fluid 51
    Skydrol LD4 Skydrol 500B-4

  • Other Fluid Grades
    AeroShell Fluid 1 AeroShell Fluid 3
    AeroShell Fluid 5L-A AeroShell Fluid 602
    AeroShell Calibrating Fluid 2 AeroShell Fluid 634
    AeroShell Fluid S.8350

  • Preservatives Grades
    AeroShell Fluid 2F AeroShell Fluid 2XN
    AeroShell Compound 07 AeroShell Compound 06A
    AeroShell Fluid 2T AeroShell Compound 05
    AeroShell Compound 02

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