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Aeroservices Ltd

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Aeroservices caters to the global requirements of various fleets across Commercial, Military and General Aviation sectors by extending ‘Nose to Tail’ packages of all lubricants & consumables. Aeroservices has historically, and will continually provide the above sectors with market leading support, stock availability, pricing and logistics wherever possible. Our motto is ‘Keeping global aviation well oiled’.
Commercial Aviation Lubricants:

Aeroservices supplies industry-leading aviation oils to National Carriers, Regional Airlines and MROs Worldwide. It distributes aviation lubricants from major OEMs such as ExxonMobil, 3M, AeroShell, Air BP, Akzo Nobel, Anderol Royco, Arrow Solutions, Castrol, Clariant, Cytec, Dasic International, Hunstman, Jet Lube, Killfrost, Killgerm Chemicals Ltd, Kleuber Lubrication, LPS, Magchem, Magnaflux, Mcgean, Momentive RTV Sealants, Nyco, PPG Aerospace, Rocol, Solutia, Total, Tri Flow and consumables from Chemetall, Dow Corning, Hexcel Composites, Mankiewicz, Magnaflux, Turco and ZOK amongst others.

With a view to service the ever-expanding and specific needs of Commercial Aviators, Aeroservices continually looks to add new OEMs, thereby, enhancing its product portfolio and offering the ‘one-stop shop’ philosophy to the worlds’ leading airlines. Its product line is competitively priced and coupled with robust logistics for timely deliveries; Aeroservices Ltd offers true value to commercial fleets in the day to day running of their operations.

Defence Aviation Lubricants:
Aeroservices has established a varied product portfolio for supplying to Air Forces and the defence sector globally. Due to the wide selection of the products, we offer to meet the needs of our clients in the defence sector on various term contracts. Valuing the importance of our customers Aeroservices gets supplied by renowned global manufacturers to ensure the utmost product quality and availability. Our company’s swift professional response, high value service and continually improving processes make us the preferred choice for Ministry of Defence (MOD) Forces globally.
MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul):
Aeroservices is the preferred distributor of Aviation Lubricants and Consumables to many MRO organizations across Europe, Asia and Africa. Aeroservices' MRO alliances bring its association with various Airlines across the globe a full circle.

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