Oshino Lamps America's high-power, high luminosity, ultra slim, surface mount (SMT) LEDs are manufactured in standard and custom package sizes. LM80 compliant, packages for automotive, medical, aerospace applications include: 

AECQ101 Qualified PLCC 3528
Single Chip Federal 3535
Compact Ceramic Flash 2016
4W High Power Federal 5050
1.5W PLCC 3030
Mini White CSP 1616

Backed by trusted technical and engineering support, our LED designs are fixed and long-term, significantly mitigating the concerns of LED obsolescence and making them the ideal choice for OEMs. Ask about optical lenses to complete your project.

Light Guides

Oshino designs automotive statements. 

Oshino Capabilities & Deliverables:
Oshino’s on-staff electrical, mechanical and optical engineers collaborate with customers on customized PCB circuitry design. Based on customer designs, Oshino provides: engineering, prototypes, tooling, optical and thermal testing and reports; fabricated molded components, including lenses in a fully integrated assembly.

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